It’s here: Passport Edition

Buzz: Artisanal Coffee Roaster: Passport Edition Amid a range of ongoing developments in the craft coffee movement none holds more potential than emerging innovations in coffee cultivation and processing. With a new attention to varietals, terroir, planting, growing and harvesting, and especially processing, a vibrant community of inspired coffee growers is teasing an unprecedented spectrum … Continue reading

Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle: unprecedented precision

Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle: When Bonavita introduced their original gooseneck electric kettle last fall it was an immediate hit.  The failure of Hario to follow through on rumors of impending US availability for the Hario Electric Kettle had created pent-up demand for precisely the functionality that the Bonavita Electric embodies:  Quick heating and precise … Continue reading

Vanille Patisserie and Buzz: Killer Espresso Present a Small-Batch Match Made in Heaven: Craft Coffee and French Macarons

Two of Chicago’s most vibrant culinary artisans join forces on May 12th to bring you an unbeatable pairing of irresistible delicacies. From 10 AM for as long as supplies last Vanille Patisserie and Buzz: Killer Espresso will collaborate to pair Vanille’s award-winning Macarons with Buzz: Killer Espresso’s micro-lot, small-batch-roasted coffees: Notes of cocoa and vanilla in Buzz’s Heirloom … Continue reading

A Better Brewer…Hail to Bonavita!

This post needs to begin with an important caveat: Generally speaking, we here at Buzz have NOT been automatic coffee brewer people. Rather, our approach to coffee brewing has been decidedly more retro/hands-on/craft oriented than is normally achievable via mechanical means. So while we have admired a few devices, especially the formidable Technivorm line of … Continue reading

The Bonavita Electric Kettle: The steady drip of progress!

Product Spotlight: Bonavita Electric Kettle  The recent explosion in the popularity of pour over coffee brewing has amplified the push for serious and precise tools for achieving coffee excellence. Among a whole host of brewing and grinding devices the Hario Kettle has been the go-to product for all-important precision pouring and heat stability. Despite the … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Kyocera Handmill

Grind on the run with the Kyocera Hand Mill. Serious coffee brewing lives or dies on an effective burr grinder. Until recently there was no practical solution to the portability problem with burr coffee grinders. Even the most quality-obsessed coffee aficionados weren’t usually committed enough to embrace the practical obstacles to hauling around a burr grinder … Continue reading