“Aricha” Dry process Yirgacheffe

Aricha is grown and in the Gedeo region of Yirgacheffe at 1950-2150 meters and processed at the Kebel Aricha mill. The coffee is carefully sorted and dried on raised beds yielding an unusualy clean and defect-free natural process coffee with clear notes of raspberry and floral aromatics. Yet another standout in the best year of Ethopian coffee anyone we know can remember.

Honduras: Santa Elena

Honduras: Santa Elena At altitudes of 1,500-1,640 meters, the villages of Los Patios, Aguacinga, Aguanqueterique and Guasore dot the western slopes of Honduras in the Municipality of Santa Elena, La Paz. Here a group of twelve farmers, each managing about an acre and a half, work as a self-managed cooperative with the educational help of … Continue reading

It’s here: Passport Edition

Buzz: Artisanal Coffee Roaster: Passport Edition Amid a range of ongoing developments in the craft coffee movement none holds more potential than emerging innovations in coffee cultivation and processing. With a new attention to varietals, terroir, planting, growing and harvesting, and especially processing, a vibrant community of inspired coffee growers is teasing an unprecedented spectrum … Continue reading

Sumatra “Royal Badger”

  Indonesian coffees present specific challenges for specialty roasters. Post-harvest processing throughout Indonesia is inconsistent, and the word among some coffee elite is that Indonesian coffees too often suffer from off-flavors as a result. In reaction, we have rarely been up to the task of sorting out the gold from what Indonesian coffees we have … Continue reading

Ethiopia: Blue Nile Yirgacheffe Gr. 1

Ethiopia: Blue Nile Yirgacheffe “Blue Nile” Yirgacheffe is the product of a labor intensive partnership between Royal Coffee and the the Keffa mill in the Gedeo area surrounding the Yirgacheffe township.   This superb coffee has achieved a rare, grade 1 designation, meaning nearly zero defect. Uncompromising vigilance in harvesting, selecting, sorting  and processing are … Continue reading

Papua New Guinea “Kimel Estate” Peaberry SOLD OUT

The Kimel plantation is located in the Western Highlands in the the largest coffee producing province in Papua New Guinea (PNG), approximately 50 Km south of Mount Hagen, near a small town called Banz. This lovely peaberry displays characteristics of some of the best coffees from Papua New Guinea: nutty and slightly floral with a terrific balance … Continue reading