“Habits of Successful Coffee Shop Owners” Supplemental Section

Recommended resources: The Professional Barista’s Handbook: An Expert Guide to Preparing Espresso, Coffee, and Tea  Scott Rao Everything But Espresso: Professional Coffee Brewing Techniques Scott Rao Glossary of Terms: Customer Goodwill-An intangible value placed on the relationship of customers to a business and/or a brand. Triple Net Lease- A lease wherein the tenant pays all … Continue reading

“Habits of Successful Coffee Shop Owners Part 19″

Managing the Staff: The Tough Decisions Anyone in a management position must either answer to the challenge of making the tough decisions, or let the undecided matters rule the business. Management’s responsibility extends to insuring that the team that is assembled can function well and move in sync together. In the corporate world effective handling … Continue reading

“Habits of Successful Coffee Shop Owners Part 13″

The Hardware and the Software The hardware and software issues aren’t the glamorous aspects of a coffee shop but they are key components of the operational brain of the business. In consideration of the fact that a coffee shop is first and foremost a business, the hardware/software questions are important enough to merit careful consideration: … Continue reading

“Habits of Successful Coffee Shop Owners Part 12″

The other menu items-A natural tension exists in building a menu: On the one hand more menu choices give customers more reasons to frequent a shop and give a shop more items to sell at a profit. On the other hand, a broader menu is more capital intensive, more prone to waste, and can blur … Continue reading