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    7 Habits of Highly Successful Coffee Shop Owners


    Hospitality is a challenging but rewarding industry. The restaurant business is one of the many fields or domains of hospitality. Coffee shop is one of the niches within the ambit of restaurants. The uniqueness of coffee shops demands a distinct set of attributes. You cannot operate a coffee shop like a restaurant and vice versa. There are similarities of course, such as both a coffee shop and a restaurant must be at a convenient place, where there are plenty of passersby. Running a successful coffee shop requires several skills and habits. Here are seven habits of highly successful coffee shop owners.


    You must know your coffee, not just the ones you serve but also those that you do not. You don’t have to be an expert in coffee production but you should familiarize yourself with the best coffee beans from around the world, how they are different and what would be the best proposition for your patrons. Anyone can brew a cup of coffee and serve it hot. It is the distinctness of the coffee that will segregate your shop from the others.


    A coffee shop must always have a personality. It is the individuality that makes for a different experience. There is a reason why millions of people visit Starbucks every day. The individuality of your coffee shop could be the brew itself or the selection of brews, it could be the seating or the foods to pair with the coffee, it could be the service or the convenience of location. Successful coffee shop owners know what truly segregates them from others and harness that power.


    Consistency is the key to success for coffee shops. The shop must open and close exactly when promised or advertised. The coffee must taste the same every day and at every hour. It doesn’t matter if it is raining outside or if the shop is low on staff. The coffee cannot taste different for whatever reason. The same goes for everything that is being served.


    Successful coffee shop owners will always have a lean menu. A coffee shop is not a restaurant and it should not try to be one. There is little sense in having two dozen items on the menu when it will be clearly overwhelming to ensure quality. Patrons of coffee shops want their brew fresh and flavorsome, exactly as they like it. They don’t want a fancy burger or plethora of munchies. A lean menu will help in maintaining a lean inventory and the focus can be on coffee.


    Successful coffee shop owners know how to maximize returns and they endorse most of the best practices available. For instance, espressos increase the profit margins. Any coffee based on espresso is thus a better proposition than drip coffee. Naturally, entrepreneurs should focus on espresso based coffees and excel at that.


    Timely and effective training is quintessential to success. A coffee shop can always have a new employee, a young and relatively inexperienced barista or someone filling in for someone. What the café cannot do is have untrained people attend to the orders. Serving the coffee or any food is one thing. Brewing the coffee is a different ballgame. Only trained baristas must be allowed to brew.


    Successful coffee shop owners know their business like the back of their hand, not just the finances or customer service but also the technicalities. One should be able to pull off every job at the shop with utmost élan. That is the hallmark of a true coffee shop owner. The owner can effortlessly transform into the barista, the chef or the baker, the server or the cleaner.

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    Discover the Best Way to Brew Coffee in a Neapolitan Flip Pot


    If you’re a coffee connoisseur and you’ve acquired a Neapolitan Flip Pot, you should know that learning how to use it properly will definitely expand your horizons. Today, we’d like to share simple and clear instructions which will help you to master the art of brewing coffee in one of these old-fashioned coffee brewers.

    What is a Neapolitan Flip Pot?

    This Italian coffee brewer came into being during the seventeenth century. It hails from Naples and its design took its cue from a coffee brewer which was designed by an Archbishop from France. His name was Jean-Baptiste de Belloy.

    A Neapolitan Flip Pot is very practical and this is why this type of coffee pot became such a popular choice in Naples! It resembles a more modern Moka Pot, which is known as a Cuccumella, which utilized the force of gravity to perform brewing, rather than pressure. Since a Neapolitan Pot is compact, it’s just right for making single cups of delicious coffee. As well, it’s crafted from aluminum components which are very rugged, long-lasting and low-maintenance.

    To get great results with my own Neapolitan Flip Pot, which I found at a flea market, I avoid the usual stovetop boiling process. I find that this process exposes my coffee grounds to too much heat and this lends bitterness to the coffee. Instead, I boil my water in another pot.

    Also, you should know that this type of pot won’t give you the ability to watch the coffee as it brews. That process will be hidden. This is why you should brew your coffee for just four minutes. Also, be aware that certain components of your Neapolitan Flip Pot will get very hot. This means that you should be careful when you pry them apart in order to see what’s happening with your latest pot of coffee.

    When you use these tips, you’ll get great coffee without a touch of bitterness. You’ll be able to use your coffee pot easily, time and time again, without burning or scalding yourself. Just avoid stovetop boiling and also keep an eye on brewing time. These little hacks help me to get the most from my Neapolitan Flip Pot. Now that you know the secrets of making superb coffee in one of these traditional, antique coffee brewers, you’ll be ready to make coffee the way that Naples residents did, way back in the Seventeenth century.

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    BlogTypes of Coffee

    4 most popular types of coffee in the world


    To many people, drinking coffee is one of the most delightful experiences. It is almost like an addiction. You will see all the good coffee shops crowded every day with coffee lovers. Coffee is very popular all over the world and here are the most popular types of coffee that people enjoy.

    Brewed Coffee

    These are made by the coffee maker. All you need to do is put the coffee grounds in the coffee maker, add water to it and turn the machine on. The coffee maker heats up the water and the rich coffee flavor is slowly released through the coffee grounds.


    This coffee will give you energy. To make this coffee you should bring a small amount of boiling water is forced through finely ground coffee beans using pressure. The amount of water used here is less than that of brewed coffee. So, espresso coffee is thicker. It will have a foamy topping.


    This coffee is prepared using espresso, hot milk, and hot steamed milk foam. This is popular among people who like to have cream in their coffee. The creamy taste feels awesome in Cappuccino.


    In this type of coffee, you add hot water to espresso. If you think that espresso is too powerful for you, then you can try Americano as it is more dilute than espresso.

    If you haven’t tried any of these types of coffee, you should do it now. The type of coffee people drink depends on their preference. But only after trying different types of coffee you will know which one you like. So, try them today!

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    BlogCoffee Grinders

    Top 3 types of coffee grinders available in the market


    Great coffees are expensive. There are many specialized coffee shops available, but if you go there to have coffee every day, you will be spending about $500 a year on just coffee. Instead, you can buy the following coffee grinders and enjoy the best coffee at home. Here are the top rated coffee grinders you can buy.

    Krups Coffee Grinder

    Image by:

    It is a professional level coffee grinder manufactured by Krups. It has two adjustable burr grinders to cut the beans according to your taste. This machine has 17 grind settings and can hold a lot of beans. So, you can make from 2 to 12 cups of coffee at a time.

    Andrew James Coffee Grinder

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    This machine is suitable for a casual drinker. It is a very simple grinder and easy to use. It can make up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. It has a handy transparent lid so that you can look at the beans while it gets ground. You can use this grinder for nuts and spices as well.

    James Martin Mini Grinder

    It is a compact grinder and very easy to use. It is made by the British chef James Market. It can make up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. It has a window lid through which you can view the progress of the beans.

    When you buy a coffee grinder, you should keep in mind your purpose and your budget. There are many options available in the market. You should do a thorough research and look at the ratings before buying a coffee grinder.

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    BlogGrinding Coffee Beans

    5 essential tips for grinding coffee beans


    If you want to get the best coffee flavor then grinding the coffee beans the right way is important. Here are five important tips for grinding coffee beans.

    Don’t pre-grind

    Ground coffee can get stale quickly. So, you should buy whole bean coffee and grind it just before you brew your coffee. You must store the coffee beans in airtight containers.

    Grind consistently

    Consistency is very important to grind coffee beans. The level of consistency you require for the coffee beans depends on the way you choose to brew it. Some type of grinding consistency works well with certain kind of brewing methods.

    Measure the beans

    You should know the accurate measurement in order to brew a good cup of coffee. A ratio of 16 (water) to 1 (coffee) works the best. You can use a small kitchen scale for the measurement.

    Type of grinder

    You can use either a burr grinder or a blade grinder. A blade grinder is like a blender. It has blades spinning at the bottom. But this results in an inconsistent grind. A burr grinder is preferred. It has two cutting disc called burrs. You will get the type of consistency you require with this type of grinder.

    Automatic vs. manual

    Grinders can be both automatic and manual. The type of grinder you choose depends on your personal preference. The manual grinders are cheaper than the automatic ones.

    Thes grinding tips will help you to grind coffee in the best way to get a great cup of coffee. Each of these tips is extremely important and use should keep the measurement and consistency in mind when grinding your coffee.

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