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    Discover the Best Way to Brew Coffee in a Neapolitan Flip Pot


    If you’re a coffee connoisseur and you’ve acquired a Neapolitan Flip Pot, you should know that learning how to use it properly will definitely expand your horizons. Today, we’d like to share simple and clear instructions which will help you to master the art of brewing coffee in one of these old-fashioned coffee brewers.

    What is a Neapolitan Flip Pot?

    This Italian coffee brewer came into being during the seventeenth century. It hails from Naples and its design took its cue from a coffee brewer which was designed by an Archbishop from France. His name was Jean-Baptiste de Belloy.

    A Neapolitan Flip Pot is very practical and this is why this type of coffee pot became such a popular choice in Naples! It resembles a more modern Moka Pot, which is known as a Cuccumella, which utilized the force of gravity to perform brewing, rather than pressure. Since a Neapolitan Pot is compact, it’s just right for making single cups of delicious coffee. As well, it’s crafted from aluminum components which are very rugged, long-lasting and low-maintenance.

    To get great results with my own Neapolitan Flip Pot, which I found at a flea market, I avoid the usual stovetop boiling process. I find that this process exposes my coffee grounds to too much heat and this lends bitterness to the coffee. Instead, I boil my water in another pot.

    Also, you should know that this type of pot won’t give you the ability to watch the coffee as it brews. That process will be hidden. This is why you should brew your coffee for just four minutes. Also, be aware that certain components of your Neapolitan Flip Pot will get very hot. This means that you should be careful when you pry them apart in order to see what’s happening with your latest pot of coffee.

    When you use these tips, you’ll get great coffee without a touch of bitterness. You’ll be able to use your coffee pot easily, time and time again, without burning or scalding yourself. Just avoid stovetop boiling and also keep an eye on brewing time. These little hacks help me to get the most from my Neapolitan Flip Pot. Now that you know the secrets of making superb coffee in one of these traditional, antique coffee brewers, you’ll be ready to make coffee the way that Naples residents did, way back in the Seventeenth century.


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