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    7 Habits of Highly Successful Coffee Shop Owners


    Hospitality is a challenging but rewarding industry. The restaurant business is one of the many fields or domains of hospitality. Coffee shop is one of the niches within the ambit of restaurants. The uniqueness of coffee shops demands a distinct set of attributes. You cannot operate a coffee shop like a restaurant and vice versa. There are similarities of course, such as both a coffee shop and a restaurant must be at a convenient place, where there are plenty of passersby. Running a successful coffee shop requires several skills and habits. Here are seven habits of highly successful coffee shop owners.


    You must know your coffee, not just the ones you serve but also those that you do not. You don’t have to be an expert in coffee production but you should familiarize yourself with the best coffee beans from around the world, how they are different and what would be the best proposition for your patrons. Anyone can brew a cup of coffee and serve it hot. It is the distinctness of the coffee that will segregate your shop from the others.


    A coffee shop must always have a personality. It is the individuality that makes for a different experience. There is a reason why millions of people visit Starbucks every day. The individuality of your coffee shop could be the brew itself or the selection of brews, it could be the seating or the foods to pair with the coffee, it could be the service or the convenience of location. Successful coffee shop owners know what truly segregates them from others and harness that power.


    Consistency is the key to success for coffee shops. The shop must open and close exactly when promised or advertised. The coffee must taste the same every day and at every hour. It doesn’t matter if it is raining outside or if the shop is low on staff. The coffee cannot taste different for whatever reason. The same goes for everything that is being served.


    Successful coffee shop owners will always have a lean menu. A coffee shop is not a restaurant and it should not try to be one. There is little sense in having two dozen items on the menu when it will be clearly overwhelming to ensure quality. Patrons of coffee shops want their brew fresh and flavorsome, exactly as they like it. They don’t want a fancy burger or plethora of munchies. A lean menu will help in maintaining a lean inventory and the focus can be on coffee.


    Successful coffee shop owners know how to maximize returns and they endorse most of the best practices available. For instance, espressos increase the profit margins. Any coffee based on espresso is thus a better proposition than drip coffee. Naturally, entrepreneurs should focus on espresso based coffees and excel at that.


    Timely and effective training is quintessential to success. A coffee shop can always have a new employee, a young and relatively inexperienced barista or someone filling in for someone. What the café cannot do is have untrained people attend to the orders. Serving the coffee or any food is one thing. Brewing the coffee is a different ballgame. Only trained baristas must be allowed to brew.


    Successful coffee shop owners know their business like the back of their hand, not just the finances or customer service but also the technicalities. One should be able to pull off every job at the shop with utmost élan. That is the hallmark of a true coffee shop owner. The owner can effortlessly transform into the barista, the chef or the baker, the server or the cleaner.

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